Pan Disability

2016 saw us expand our offering to the community by establishing our Pan Disability teams. This is an area that the club are keen to expand and improve on over the coming seasons. We launched three teams, Under 12, Under 16 and an adult team, all of which are coached on our 3G surface. Games and tournaments occur approximately once a month, generally on a pre designated Sunday. The teams have been a huge success and given the participants a real chance to feel valued and involved in, what is essentially, their club. First team player Reda Johnson and TV Sports presenter, Michael Kurn have become the presidents of the teams and this has added extra value and helps demonstrate to the players our desire to have them as an essential part of the club.

Being able to bring football to a group of individuals who previously did not have anywhere to play and who seem to get so much enjoyment out of their involvement is extremely rewarding. It is something the club is keen to expand on. A core principle of the club is to try and place itself at the heart of the community and there is no better way to do this than by expanding this programme. This is one of a number of initiatives that the club are determined to deliver on as we look to the future and feel we can make a real difference to people’s well being.

In our first year the numbers have grown substantially and, as mentioned, we are looking to increase our offering. A number of current players were very apprehensive when first attending but have quickly embraced playing and for a number of participants it has become a massive part of their week which brings huge enjoyment. As a club we are committed to ensuring we maximise the numbers of players and their level of enjoyment. These teams can provide a positive impact for the players, and their families.

The club would encourage anyone who feels these teams may be of benefit to either themselves or someone they know to contact us. We have a dedicated Community Manager in Gazz Davison who will be delighted to try and see if we can help provide a really positive experience. We can arrange a meeting to discuss any specific needs or concerns and will always try and tailor our offering to ensure each participant gets the maximum out of their involvement.

For any enquiries please contact Gazz Davison on 02380 613361