Match day experiences

Being part of the Eastleigh FC MATCHDAY experience is a dream come true for all EFC junior fans.

For every competitive first team game we require junior fans to lead out the team, be ball boys and girls and guard of honours for that game. For home game Mascots we require three juniors and for away games either one or two juniors at the discretion of the away club. For ball boys and girls and guard of honour duties we need a minimum number of 10 juniors for every competitive home game, and our preference would be a whole youth teams and/or community group for these duties (rather than individuals), minimum age u12s.

It really is that simple, if you have a child, youth team or community group, aged between the ages of 5 and 12 years and would like to be part of EFC MATCHDAY magical experience, please register your interest now!

We will notify the lucky junior’s parent/guardian, youth team manager/coach, community group team leader by email.

NB: Please note for the Mascot MATCHDAY experience, there is a charge which will be advised on enquiry.

Apply for a matchday experience

Please email your preferred MATCHDAY experience of Mascot, Ball Boys and Girls and Guard of Honours/Flagbearers to: