Following our fixture last night I felt compelled to write to Bristol Rovers today regarding the conduct of their supporters. It was obviously a huge night for Eastleigh as we knew that largely due to your support we would be expecting a record  league attendance. Obviously the numbers are not comparable to yourselves but being new to the league we are adjusting to the need to cope with and control a much larger number of fans than we were previously used to.

Your supporters could have made this a difficult night for us but quite the contrary behaved in an exemplary manner. They were an absolute credit to your club.

Fans arrived in huge numbers, were well mannered and contributed massively to what was a special night for our club. Obviously historically you are used to arriving at better facilities than we are currently able to offer but this presented no issues for your supporters, they were understanding, considerate and just supported the team in a well spirited sporting manner.

I would like to pass on our appreciation to all your fans for their conduct. It is hugely appreciated and I look forward to the return fixture in March, hopefully we will still be within four points of you by then!


Stewart Donald